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Hill Country Custom Cycles (HCC or HC3) started back in 1996 when Robert Smith (the owner) built his first custom Harley motorcycle.

Robert started out racing BMX bicycles when he was 11. A neighbor down the street happened to have a horizontal lathe and vertical mill in his garage which helped in making custom parts for their BMX bikes to make them lighter and faster. The idea was to have the trickiest and lightest bicycle at the track and obviously win the race. At age 14 he figured out that engines were a whole lot more fun than pedals and started racing motocross. Not having the money to pay the dealership to work on his bike forced him to learn how to fix his own bike, which led to his learning how to make his bikes run faster. Things had just begun at that point. When he turned 16, having a cool truck to drive also became a priority. So, Robert built a few show trucks while in high school and going through college with Ford Motor Company.

After building his first Harley, it was apparent that custom V-Twin motorcycles was his passion. What started out as a hobby became a part time job in the garage. The business grew over the next several years and eventually became a full time custom motorcycle shop.

Robert is highly respected by friends and customers for his knowledge and skills with regard to motorcycle parts and repairs, but his honesty and fair mindedness are second to none.

Repairs are done at their Austin Texas shop, but they also realize that a lot of customers do not have the luxury of bringing their bikes to the shop.  So, Hill Country Custom Cycles brings the shop to them by traveling to a lot of major motorcycle rallies and doing installations of our parts on site.  They also cater to the do-it-yourself guys by manufacturing parts and kits that are user friendly for those who don’t have a dealership full of parts and tools to complete the task.

Robert says “We love the challenge of finding the best deals with the best quality for our customers, and all of that has brought us here today. We could not have done it without the support and loyalty of our customers. So, please join our worldwide family of Satisfied Customers, and do not hesitate to call with questions.”

Call (877)755-HILL or email us, CustomerCare@HillCountryCustomCycles.com, to set up a time.

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